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Gone but not forgotten

 Tynyfid Brenin 30141
Chestnut 26yr old
Because of his on-going ill health, from which there was no possibility of recovery, Brenin was put down on 15th July 2013

Sire: Thorneyside Minstrel,
Dam: Pantyfid Cary, by Heliguchel Craddock
Line bred from Hendy Brenin

Brenin was 14.3hh with 4 white socks, he had an excellent temperament which he passed on to his foals.

Mr Charles Blonde 001½

Dora Dawg Dowding

Sadly on the 12th November 2009 our beloved Dora passed away with a nasty battle with cancer she was finally laid to rest.

We or should I say she adopted us 5 years prior to this coming home from work one day she was running along the reservation barrier stopping thinking I had collided with her I open the door get out look - around no dog! so getting back in the car when I hear a whimpering behind my seat stopping again I looks around to see two massive big eyes starring back up at me with a little tanned body shivering away, after introducing  myself I turn around and continue home, by this point I'm thinking how am I going to explain this to Brian.

Well after him seeing her she had him where she wanted him, and so she had a new home. RUINED is the only way to describe her, dog tops new footballs (every month) multiple beds one for each car, coats for different horse shows and walks, and not forgetting the pyjamas these where just a few of here many items.

She had also adopted some new brothers and sisters in the form of, Brenin, Kirk, Victoria & Sam (horses) Charlie, Specs, Lilly, Rolo & Puddy (Cats) and her best friend (NOT) Mutley (Yard dog) who of course was smitten.

Charlie and Dora where like two peas in a pod he would be right behind her and she would leave him half her food.

She soon become an icon of Equestrian Websites being a regular face at the shows and of course the sales... Guard dog duty was also a daily job back in the office with her dad in the form of many loud snoring noises coming from her direction.

Right to the last minute Dora was a major figure in our lives and hearts and is never going to be forgotten.

We love you Dora

Mam & Dad

Football MINE. Dora Dawg Dowding

1st Jan 1995 - 12th Nov 2009

Our Little Princess

REST IN PEACE Woofing Sexy?

Water please
Guard dog Duty? At Beach with Mutley SECURITY !!!!

Pantygwreiddyn Dot

Cwmgelli Dylan
Brian driving Cwmgelli Dylan - flaxen mail and tail.